FSOSS 2014

So, I’m a bit late with this (not surprising if you know me :-P) and I sincerely apologize.

I attended FSOSS this year on October 24. Two talks I was really looking forward to were Dave Humphrey’s speech and Bob Young’s presentation. However, due to unforeseeable circumstances, I was unable to attend Dave’s seminar 🙁

At FSOSS, I was able to see not only several speakers expressing their commitment to open source, but also providing real world cases to support their claims.

Bob Young, for instance talked about how Red Hat Inc. was founded on an open source value system whose mission was to “pay it forward”. He stated that “Hardware evolved faster than software” and this called for software to be open source so that several vendors could jointly work on develop quality software. By allowing pieces of code to be open source, he stated that it developed trust between the vendors when working together.

Next, I attended Kieran Sedgwick’s Webmaker Tech presentation. It was a real world example for how open source is used in development and can contribute to the success of a company. Kieran showed how Mozilla makes use of open source technologies like Node.js to develop their software and how open source allows them to “teach the web” to anyone who would like to learn the language of the web.

Complimentary to both previous presentations was Chris Aniszczyk’s seminar on Twitter. He brilliantly showed how open source development contributed to Twitter’s success while keeping their “secret sauce” or core technology closed. However, he stressed the importance of not only open source technologies but also the open source culture in their work. He was able to demonstrate how students, much like us were able to solve some of Twitter’s major scalability problems through research and innovation. His talk thus instilled deep roots of confidence in me regarding my choice to adopt the open source world.

Hence, FSOSS proved to be quite fruitful and interesting for someone quite new to open source. Who knows, maybe next year, I might be a speaker 🙂

For a report comparing Kieran’s and Chris’ talks, please click here

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